naomi tomizuka 2022SS Collection

Posted on 2021/09/15

naoki tomizuka
2022SS Collection

Theme 【Chroma key】

Chroma key or chroma key synthesis is
A kind of keying.
It is a technology that make a part of the image transparent from the component of a certain color and synthesize another image there.

In the digital that I feel close to, it is a synthesis that I often see, but the composite sheet it is
It is also a brand image, and it is dropped into frills and gathers
I think that it is good if the memories of the person who wear it can be dropped as a scenery.
This time, I dropped what I think now as a pattern.


Creative Directer
yudai chinosawa

Movie Director
Alexis wuilamue

Photographer&Video Editing
gael delhaye

Hair&make miura