The FutureKeeper

Posted on 2021/01/07

Starring Shota Totsuka (ABC-Z)
Original Story Katsura Tsukiyama
Script: Hahara Daisuke
Director/Choreography Hiromi Kamisa

Reiwa 3 years
March 12-21
Shimbashi Enbujo
March 27
Japan Special Ceramics City Hall
March 30
Kurume City Plaza
April 3-11
Osaka Shochikuza

I supervise the whole hair and makeup visual

hair & make supervised miura
Special Makeup Asako Nagashima
It was hard such as wig production, but it seems to be a very nice stage
Please come and see the theater.
Special makeup Nagashima helped me and it became very cool! Im glad to hear that!