KOBE COLLECTION 2018 Spring and Summer

Posted on 2018/03/19



2018.3.3.(sat)@World Memorial Hall

We were in charge of guests.

The chiefs MIURA / SUZAWA

This time also,we were in charge of not only guest models but TV stars.


It’s very grateful for us to be engaged in such a valuable big field.
We would like to thank the performers, the staffs and all the people who are related to KOBE COLLECTION.



ローレンサイ様  朝比奈彩 様  瑛茉ジャスミン様



立花恵理 様



出岡美咲 様



坂田梨香子様        石川恋様





Besides the above, we could arrange many pretty models’ hair and make up, and it was really happy !

The backside of the stage...

The meeting of the day before.
The documents for the day.
Behind the scene photo of the day...









Thank you for the wonderful field.




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